Monday, April 7, 2014

Nuremberg Zoo

With all of this nice weather recently, we decided to get out and explore.  I'd been told about the zoo in Nuremberg a while ago, but we hadn't gotten a chance to check it out yet.  It was a great zoo and we had a wonderful time.

Spring Haircut

We've been letting the boys grow their hair out over the winter.  Essentially, I didn't want to deal with the fight trying to cut their hair when it could serve to keep them warm over the winter.  With the weather warming up recently, however, we decided it was time to cut it all off.  I should have taken before pictures, but if you look at a recent blog post you'll get the idea.

Post-haircut bath to get rid of all of the extra hair.

Look at all of this hair!! If I knew how I would make a wig for Lauren.
Combing Daddy's hair after haircuts!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dominic's Birthday

To say that Dominic's birthday was low-key would be an overstatement.  Both Marcus and Dominic had fevers all weekend and Eric had to unexpectedly work all weekend. So, he wasn't here and the boys didn't feel like partying. 

For some reason, I always wait until the last minute to ask the birthday kid what kind of cake they want. This left me scrambling around trying to make a Captain America themed cake on Dominic's birthday with two sick kids and no husband at home.  Why do I do this to myself? I don't know.

The Captain America shield cake and some of Dominic's presents.
Marcus helping unwrap the gift he got for Dominic.
Of course he picked out the wrapping paper that wasn't actually paper so it wouldn't rip.
Any time the camera comes out this girl starts cheesing and trying to get in the frame.
See what I mean? 
Can you tell that Marcus doesn't feel good?
I think they've watched one of these two movies everyday this week.
What would be a boy birthday without an action figure.

Blowing out the candles.  I didn't even have to tell him to do it.
Yay! Cake!! (I don't think he actually ate any of it.)
She loved the cake and quickly figured out the fastest way to eat it.


The initial finding of presents.
Dominic still isn't quite sure what's happening.
Once he figured out some of it was for him, he was quick to dig in.
Checking out what Santa left
She was pretty excited to have her own stocking.
Marcus loves Kinder Eggs and this was the biggest one he had ever seen
(they make them twice the size for Christmas and Easter).
She seems pretty excited to have one too.
"Are you sure this is okay?"
Showing off the presents they got for each other.
The cool Avengers underwear Marcus got for Daddy so they could match.
Iron Man and Captain America action figures.
I just love her facial expressions.
Her brother's toys are just as cool as hers.
Playing with the Dinosaur destruction set Santa left for Dominic.